Clay Aiken Comes Out of Closet, Confirms He’s Gay

Well, this is always sad news, but it’s even worse when the person coming out of the closet says that they are a confessing Christian and don’t believe that homosexuality is in conflict with God’s prescription for human sexuality. Please pray for Mr. Aiken and ask God to change his heart. God’s done greater things before, so don’t think it cannot happen. May God have mercy on Clay Aiken and show him the truth!

Clay Aiken appears on stage in his role as Sir Robin in Monty Python's "Spamalot"

Excerpt from news article:

The 29-year-old former “American Idol” runner-up, multiplatinum recording artist and Broadway star credits his son, conceived by in-vitro fertilization with friend and producer Jaymes Foster, with making him realize that he could no longer hide his homosexuality from the world.

“It was the first decision I made as a father,” Aiken told the magazine, which arrives on newsstands Friday. “I cannot raise a child to lie or to hide things. I wasn’t raised that way, and I’m not going to raise a child to do that.”

Aiken, who rose to fame on “Idol” in 2003, has long been subject of rumors and tabloid fodder that he was gay, but usually refused to acknowledge them. In an interview with The Associated Press two years ago, he said of the talk: “I don’t really feel like I have anybody to answer to but myself and God and the people I love.” . . .

The magazine cover features Aiken holding his son, born in August. Aiken, who considers himself a born-again Christian, said he knows he may turn off some fans — known as Claymates — with his admission and his decision to have a child outside traditional marriage.

“I’ve never intended to lie to anybody at all,” he said. “But if they leave, I don’t want them to leave hating me.”

Gay groups applauded Aiken’s public admission.