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Culture News: The Most Disturbing Presentation of the Year?

Well, many of us all use facebook and twitter and any number of other social networking programs online. And ultimately, many of you have started playing games over those social networks. So, what’s the big deal you ask? Just watch this presentation all the way through and you tell me if there is problem…

See the article here  that originally offered the “title” of this post: The Most Disturbing Presentation of the Year

An Evening of Eschatology

After this year’s Desiring God Conference, the Bethlehem College and Seminary put on an excellent ’round-table’ discussion and debate moderated by John Piper. The three major eschatological viewpoints were represented: Premillennialism (Jim Hamilton), Amillennialism (Sam Storms), and Postmillennialism (Doug Wilson). The representative speakers for each view are in parentheses. For more information about the debate, go here.

But getting to the good part… they have posted the audio and video on the desiring God web site and offered it for free viewing to all of us!

So, with no further ado, I give you “An Evening of Eschatology”!!!

Third Millennium Ministries & Free Seminary Curriculum

The Primeval History

Today I was browsing Richard Pratt’s ministry web site, Third Millennium Ministries, and came upon a wondful discovery! They have recently redesigned their minsitry web site and now they are offering all of their seminary video curriculum for FREE DOWNLOAD!

It is great news and I highly recommend that you consider downloading at least one of their video series to see how good their curriculum really is. Above, you will notice that I have posted the picture of one of their video series that I am currently going through in conjunction with a seminary class at Reformed Theological Seminary (where I attend). It is very good and if you are interested in learning more about the Old Testament, I would encourage you to start there with this video series.

Here are the links to the mp3 audio of the Primeval History video series for your listening pleasure:

God’s Awesome Glory in Thunder and Lightening

I took this video last night outside on the front driveway of my home and I only wish that my camera phone could have picked up the lightening better. It was non-stop lightening and thunder for several hours last night and I couldn’t help but go outside and take a clearer look. There are some long dark portions of this video, but when the lightening shows through it is so beautiful. God’s creation truly does show us His glory!