Biblical Training

Alpha and Omega Ministries (James White)

Athanatos Christian Ministries (Anthony Horvath)

ACM Academy of Apologetics (Online Certificate Program)

Covenant Worldwide (FreeĀ Covenant Theological Seminary Courses)

Ravi Zacharias International Ministries

The Josh McDowell Ministry

Dr. Gary R. Habermas Online Resources

Living Waters Publications (Ray Comfort)

Christian Research Institute (Hank Hanegraaff)

Christian Apologetics and Research Ministry (Matt Slick)

Stand to Reason (Greg Koukl)

The Henry Institute (Russell Moore)

Apologetics 315 (Brian Auten)

Atheism is Dead

Rationally Christian

Apologia Search (An Apologetics Search Engine)

Reformed Apologetics at Monergism.com



Leadership University

Summit Ministries

The Summit at Bryan College

Certified Apologetics Instructor (CAI) Program

Answering Islam

Ministry to Muslims

Atheism: A Conservative Response

Apologetics Press (audio page here)

Internet Christian Library

In Defense of the Faith Yahoo! Group

In Defense of the Faith Google Group

Noteworthy BLOGs

Albert Mohler

Anthony Horvath

Doug Wilson

Dust and Clay

For His Renown

Going to Seminary

In Light of the Gospel

James White

Jeffrey Meyers’ Blog

Peter Leithart’s Blog

Promise and Pleasure

Resurgence – Mark Driscoll’s Blog

Rev. David Beckmann’s Blog

Touchstone Magazine – Mere Comments

Online Resources – Bibles

English Standard Version Bible(ESV)

Holman Christian Standard Version (Holman CSB)

The NET Bible (NETB)

Revised Young’s Literal Translation (RYLT)

LifeWay’s Online Bible Library

Bible Study Tools on Crosswalk.com

Audio Treasure – The Bible in MP3 for FREE

World English Bible – Free Audio in MP3

Online Resources – Books, Articles, and Papers

The Association of Religion Data Archives

Alvin Plantinga’s Virtual Library of Christian Philosophy

A Christian’s Guide to Learning Logic at Home (Nathaniel Bluedorn)

American Theological Inquiry Journal (ATI)

The London Baptist Confession of Faith, 1677/1689

The Westminster Confession of Faith

On The Incarnation of the Word of God (Athanasius, Bishop of Alexandria)

On Nation Under God: America’s Christian Heritage (Christian Defense Fund)

Henry Center for Theological Understanding

The Origin of Species – An Illustrated Guide (Charles Darwin)

Creation Anti-Evolution Liturature Database (CELD)

Access Research Network (ARN)

Exploring the Nexus: Science and Theology (David R. Vinson)

Crucible – Theology and Ministry

(Special Note – I am a Young Age Creationist who believes that the universe was created in six days with respect to our earth day of twenty-four hours. So, you can conclude where I stand about Darwin and Macro Evolution.)


Other Sites to Visit



Biblical Greek

Biblical Horizons

Center for Christian Study

Center for Reformed Theology and Apologetics

Concord Baptist Church (SBC)

Covenant Radio

Covenant Theological Seminary

Covenant Worldview Institute



Enjoying God Ministries

Faith PCA

Institutes of the Christian Religion

Intelligent Design

Kerux: Journal of Biblical Theology


My Library at Library Thing Beta


Providence Reformed PCA

Pulpit Magazine

Reformed Baptist Theological Review

Reformed Baptist Academic Press

Reformed Books

Reformed Theological Seminary (RTS)

Regent Audio

St. Anne’s Public House

The Baptist Faith & Message

The N.T. Wright Page

The Online Critical Pseudepigrapha

The Society of Biblical Literature

The Works of John Frame and Vern Poythress

The Works of Meredith Kline

The Writings of Geerhardus Vos


Trinity Presbyterian CREC

Unchained Radio

Upper Register
(Note: In giving these links above I may not agree with everything that is expressed on these sites. Instead, everyone is to judge what is written by the perfect standard of the written word of God.)

Jesus said, "I am the Way, the Truth and the Life."

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