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Online Apologetics Conference 2013: A Defense of the Faith is a Defense of Life

A Defense of the Faith is a Defense of Life


Early registration has begun. Check out this year’s Apologetics Conference topics and speakers!

2013 Conference Goals:

  • Highlight the historical connection between genuine human rights and liberties and the broad acceptance of the Christian worldview… and the converse.
  • Observe that beliefs tend to automatically lead to actions based on those beliefs, and call attention to the importance of having well-reasoned, well-evidenced beliefs.
  • Raise awareness of the fact that those with a Christian worldview tend to have ‘pro-life’ attitudes and perspectives and argue that consequently, the defense of that worldview, that is, Christian apologetics, has an important role to play in defending Life.
  • Draw a clear connection in the minds of attendees between the Gospel and life issues and take aim at the notion, often held by Christians themselves, that topics such as abortion, euthanasia, embryonic stem cell research, assisted suicide, human cloning, etc, are ‘political’ issues where ‘religion’ has no business involving itself.


Online Apologetics Conference: May 7 & 8

Athanatos Ministries is hosting an Online Apologetics Conference May 7 & 8, 2010. This year’s conference will primarily focus on literary apologetics, or promoting the Christian faith through the written word, and fiction in particular. The list of presenters is as follows:

• Keynote: Robert Bowman, Jr.
• Plenary: Dr.  Angus Menuge
• Plenary: Dr. Corey Olsen
• Workshop: Dr. Bernard Bull
• Workshop: Mr. Robert Velarde
• Workshop: Ms. Mary Jo Sharp
• Workshop: Mr. Anthony Horvath
• Workshop: 2010 Christian Writing Contest Winner

Click here to learn more about the presenters. Click here to register.

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Audio: Total Church Conference 2008

The Audio for The Total Church North America Conference 2008 is now available. Tim Chester and Steve Timmis recently published a book – “Total Church” – with Re:Lit. This conference is the result of the ideas presented in the book.

Main Sessions

Breakout Sessions

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Conference on the Gospel and Children

From June 2008, at First Presbyterian Church in Columbia, SC:

  • The Gospel for Children – Part 1 (William Mackenzie)
  • The Gospel for Children – Part 2 (Carine Mackenzie)
  • Let the Children Come (Sinclair Ferguson)
  • The Church and Children – Part 1 (William Mackenzie)
  • The Church and Children – Part 2 (Carine Mackenzie)
  • Question & Discussion Session
  • Christian Parenting – Part 1 (William Mackenzie)
  • Christian Parenting – Part 2 (Carine Mackenzie)
  • Can Our Children Survive the World? (William Mackenzie)

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2008 National Desiring God Conference

The Power of Words and the Wonder of God

All the video from the conference is now online:

You can also read Dr. Piper’s message here. Abraham Piper provides this summary for us:

The way we talk can undercut the cross. This much is clear in 1 Corinthians (1:17; 2:1). But does all eloquence minimize the gospel? Does the pursuit of verbal impact necessarily preempt the power of Christ?

Both George Whitefield and Jonathan Edwards were eloquent, each in his own way. Did this “empty the cross of its power”? More than that, the Bible itself contains many portions that are nothing less than eloquent. How do we make sense of this?

A pointer is found in the context of 1 Corinthians. Here Paul makes clear that there is a kind of eloquence that exalts self and therefore cripples the cross. But this isn’t the only brand of eloquence. There’s another kind, a distinctly Christian eloquence, that humbles self and exalts Christ.

Our eloquence will never be the determining factor in causing someone to believe the gospel, but it still makes a difference. We can hope for at least 5 benefits from Christian eloquence:

  1. keeping interest
  2. gaining sympathy
  3. awakening sensitivity
  4. speaking memorably
  5. increasing power

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Henry Center for Theological Understanding

The Carl F. H. Henry Center is an excellent online resource for those interested in sharpening their own Theology and finding resources (audio, video, articles, etc.) that are freely available to the public. I encourage you to visit their web site and especially take a look around at their media publications.

From the Director:

Theologians often comment on the low levels of Christian literacy in our pews as well as our pulpits. Likewise, ministry leaders complain about the irrelevance of seminaries. We at the Henry Center are bent on addressing these concerns and the problems they represent. We are committed to bridging the gap between the academy and the church. Gospel labors are too important to be shouldered on one’s own. What is needed is a center for evangelical collaboration, where “experts” of all kinds can work together to engage culture–in the U.S. and around the world.

The Henry Center is such a place. It houses a cluster of initiatives, each of which is aimed at applying practical Christian wisdom to important kingdom issues–in the church, the academy, and the world. It seeks to ground each of these initiatives in Scripture, interpreted theologically as the Word of God. And it pursues these goals collaboratively, bringing ministry practitioners and academics together in creative kingdom partnerships. We exist to glorify our Lord by advancing Christian wisdom in all areas of life and thought, enabling others to apply the knowledge of God and themselves in the rough and tumble of life.

Our work will be much poorer without your help. Won’t you consider praying for the Center and participating with us in its various ministries? We will be grateful for your partnership in the gospel.

Douglas A. Sweeney