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Interview with Dr. John Frame about going to seminary

I currently attend RTS (Atlanta Campus) and I’m really enjoying my time there. I’m pleased to say that one of the best professors from RTS’s Orlando Campus has been interviewed about some of his writings and his experience teaching at seminary. I encourage everyone to listen to this, but especially those thinking about seminary or already attending it like myself. Here is a link to the full length interview, but here below I have posted the shortened You Tube form.

RTS Atlanta Hires New Professor

RTS Atlanta is the Seminary campus I am currently attending. I just received notification that the appointment of Rev. John Yeo has been finalized and that he will start his work on June 1, 2007. He will be the first full-time professor at RTS Atlanta and will be taking the position of Assistant Professor of Old Testament. We are also expecting the hiring of a full-time New Testament professor at the next board meeting. His name is Dr. Bruce Lowe and he is from Australia.

Here is the announcement I received:

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