Father Brown Fakes the Shroud

Well, I certainly want to jump on the bandwagon of explaining the Shroud of Turin. I will first state that this experiment does not disprove the Shroud as authentic. But it certainly gives the first reasonable explanation about how medieval people could have made the Shroud of Turin…

Note from web site: The first linen image [above] created by Beauchamp’s window, exposed for ten days generally parallel to the sun’s path. The linen bears a negative image, dark on light (left), which becomes positive, light on dark (right), in a true photonegative.

Here’s the first image that they tested with, creating a pirate shroud…

Note from web site: This pirate was the first image created by sunlight under painted glass. The extremely successful realism encouraged the Shroud attempts.

All of this is very good in my opinion. But that is probably because I don’t like the Shroud of Turin. =) Nevertheless, I encourage you to check out the web site they have running that explains the experiment and gives photos of all the tests and more…

Shadow Shroud (the main web site)

Other resources for reading are as follows:

Father Brown Fakes the Shroud (the best article available written by the main culprit, N. D. Wilson, for Christianity Today)

The Shroud of Turin: Toward a Mystery Solved (a quick article by Douglas Wilson, Nathan Wilson’s father)

The Discovery Channel

This is quite amazing and hopefully informing news for everyone reading my blog before it hits nationally. This is going to get some major attention.

If you want to keep informed about this I suggest going to the ShadowShroud.com or to Dougwils.com (the Blog of Douglas Wilson wonderfully entitled BLOG and MABLOG).

If you want to order a lecture by Nathan Wilson on the Shroud Experiment then call Canon Press at 1-800-488-2034 to pre-order the CD of his presentation. I’ve already ordered it and it cost me $10 after the shipping charges.

The best part about all of this is the fact that it has been done by Christians and gives evidence against the authenticity of the Shroud. Second best is that it has been done on the roof top of a building, not in a laboratory. Scientists have not yet been able to forge a shroud that was practical for medieval scientists, or medieval people in general, to have made with the technology of that day.

Now that a person, who is not a scientist, has produced a shroud forgery with a painting, cloth, and sunlight exposure… well, I think you get the picture. = )

Even though non-Christians might claim that this is evidence against the Resurrection of Christ, they will continue to prove themselves ignorant because the resurrection never had its foundation in a stupid shroud. It is my hope that this discovery will strengthen the Church and destroy any idolatry that has been committed because of the Shroud of Turin.

This, as you can tell, is good news from my perspective and I hope you feel “in the know.” Have a great week everyone!

In Christ and In Defense of the Faith,

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  1. Wow, you have some really deep, thought-provoking posts! It’s amazing, how even in the “Christian Community”, the people don’t seem to think about everyday actions do have major consequences (I.E. if you follow the blind, you’ll probably end up in a ditch along the road). It’s so refreshing to see a person who actually thinks and writes about something deeper than most young people want to even admit exists.

    Thank you for giving me things to think about!

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