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Colbert takes on Bart Ehrman… a second time

Once again, Colbert hands Bart Ehrman a rattle snake and tells him to chew on it! Just kidding, but please observe as Stephen Colbert uses standard Christian apologetic arguments against Dr. Ehrman’s claim. I especially love the final example about the elephant, even though his telling of the story isn’t quite as eloquent as I would present it. 🙂

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Osteen on Larry King Live

This is a very interesting interview. I encourage you to watch it and consider what the Osteens are saying. I think this interview goes to show that Joel Osteen is such a simple person and that he really does need to be trained better in the ways of God. I just do not understand why he will not take the time to learn more and to be more articulate about doctrinal and theological issues. I encourage all of you to pray for he and his wife. They have such a large influence. It would be amazing to see them change and begin influencing their own audience towards a more faithfully doctrinal Christianity.

The video below shows the Osteens addressing issue ranging from the Obama’s job performance and faith, to the topic of gay marriage, to talking about a new bible with their notes in it, to the topic of a post Christian world and a quote by Al Mohler, Jr.

Please let me know what you think.

Does the God of Christianity Exist, and What Difference Does It Make?

Does the God of Christianity Exist, and What Difference Does It Make?

Stan Guthrie moderates a Christian Book Expo panel with Lee Strobel, William Lane Craig, Douglas Wilson, Christopher Hitchens, and Jim Denison.

The New Atheists usually make two charges against Christianity: (1) that it is untrue and (2) that it is harmful. A panel of apologetics experts responds to an atheist critic with evidence from Scripture, science, and history about why the faith is both reasonable and good for the world. Christianity Today’s Stan Guthrie moderated this panel on March 21, 2009 for the Christian Book Expo in Dallas.

Go to the link above to watch the video recording of the event. Here is a link to download the audio in mp3. This is a really good discussion panel and everyone did a great job, even Christopher Hitchens. I can only pray and hope that one day God will save Christopher so that his name will finally be fulfilled.

Inconvenient Debt or Destroying Our Children’s Future?

I urge you to pass along this video to all your friends and family. Glen Beck is right about this… it is immoral for our government to do this and worst of all, it’s going to affect, not just us, but our children and our children’s children for many years to come. Remember this video from the 2008 election races? Watch it again and then watch the Glen Beck video below. This is a sad time for America.