Osteen on Larry King Live

This is a very interesting interview. I encourage you to watch it and consider what the Osteens are saying. I think this interview goes to show that Joel Osteen is such a simple person and that he really does need to be trained better in the ways of God. I just do not understand why he will not take the time to learn more and to be more articulate about doctrinal and theological issues. I encourage all of you to pray for he and his wife. They have such a large influence. It would be amazing to see them change and begin influencing their own audience towards a more faithfully doctrinal Christianity.

The video below shows the Osteens addressing issue ranging from the Obama’s job performance and faith, to the topic of gay marriage, to talking about a new bible with their notes in it, to the topic of a post Christian world and a quote by Al Mohler, Jr.

Please let me know what you think.