Always Reforming

Always Reforming: Explorations in Systematic Theology

This is a book I hope to purchase soon. I recommend that anyone interested in Reformational thought and history consider purchasing it for their reading pleasure.

You can read the table of contents, the preface, and the introduction online.

Publisher Description: The Reformed churches of the sixteenth century affirmed the need to be semper reformanda—always reforming.

But in the ensuing centuries, some have taken this conviction as a mandate to abandon the departure from received orthodoxy, while others have progressed toward a rigid confessionalism that cements the Reformation itself as a final codification of truth.

Between these extremes is the ongoing need of the church to be always reforming—subjecting its beliefs and practices to the renewed scrutiny of Holy Scripture and restating the truth of Scriptures in ways that faithfully communicate the gospel, advance the mission of the church and empower the people of God.

This collection of essays by senior theologians and edited by A. T. B. McGowan practices what it preaches, mining the whole terrain of systematic theology to refresh, renew and yes, even reform the church for its next season.