Abortion And The New Government

Thanks to James Grant for informing me of this:

A coalition of pro-choice organizations has sent Barack Obama and his transition team a document titled “Advancing Reproductive Rights and Health in a New Administration,” which has been posted on the president-elect’s website.

The document “urge[s] the next President to articulate and implement a vision for a new, commonsense approach to the nation’s and the world’s pressing reproductive health needs,” and outlines the actions they would like to see him take toward that end — including improving access to abortion worldwide, increasing funding for comprehensive sex education and defunding abstinence-only programs, pushing for the Freedom of Choice Act, and appointing pro-choice judges and government officials.

The Obama website is accepting comments on this document. Click here to read it and to give your opinion.

I’ve posted my own comment on the debate site (Look for a comment from Glenn). Please go to the web site above and give your opinion on this matter. Here is what I said:

I hope that the president-elect will be sensible in his dealings with these things. When the majority of people in the country believe that abortion is wrong, even calling it murder, this is not a time to judge that a baby is merely part of a woman’s body. How can the government have the right to allow or even force medical institutions to murder unborn children? That is the question that so many people are asking. But the common rhetoric is, “well it’s her body,” but if it is her body, then why doesn’t the woman die when an abortion is performed??? Is it because she’s cutting off part of her body? Or because she’s ending the life of someone’s body, who happens to be living inside of her’s? The language of pro-choice and pro-abortion organizations is rhetoric at best and deceptively murderous at worst. Please, president-elect Obama, do not pass the Freedom of Choice Act and do not add to the funding of pro-choice groups by giving them my tax payer money or anyone else’s taxpayer money. It is not right and it is not something that the government should be doing.

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