Was Muhammad Predicted in the Bible?

Recently I’ve found it to be a common claim by Muslim apologists that Muhammad was predicted in the Bible. Now, you’re thinking, where in the world are they getting that from, aren’t you?  :-)  Either way, I encourage you to pick one of these three articles and review some of the claims and read about how to respond to those claims. The articles are written in response to Muslim claims and will be very helpful to keep you on guard against a Muslim friend who might make such claims and expect you to not have an answer about them. Please leave your comments and any experiences you’ve had with Muslims on this topic in the comments section below. Here are the articles from Answering Islam:

Also, I’m attaching PDFs of each of them so that you can print them off more easily if you want to read them on paper:

  • [PDF] Answering Dr. Jamal Badawi: Muhammad in the Bible
    By Sam Shamoun
  • [PDF] Muhammad in the Bible?
    An Analysis of the Muslim Appeal to Biblical Prophecy

    By David Wood
  • [PDF] Answers to Common Muslim Questions