Culture News: Colorado’s Bible ban faces court challenge

Colorado’s Bible ban faces court challenge
Dems combine to banish ‘anti-gay discrimination’

Posted: October 08, 2008By Bob Unruh
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Tim Gill, the secretive Colorado software multi-millionaire and behind-the-scenes “gay” activist who has boasted of his strategy to buy up campaigns for pro-homosexual candidates, soon may be learning he cannot buy the First Amendment.

Gill, whose strategic campaign donations in 2004 largely are credited with turning the GOP majority in the Colorado statehouse into a Democratic bastion and whose work in 2006 helped install Democrat Bill Ritter, a vigorously pro-abortion campaigner, in the governor’s office, has been blamed by Christian organizations for the success of a new Colorado law that bans the Bible in the state.

But the Christian Family Alliance of Colorado and Liberty Counsel are teaming up on a soon-to-be-filed lawsuit expected to highlight the apparent First Amendment violations of SB200, the state law that bans references to homosexuals that could be perceived as “discriminatory” and raises the issue of whether the law applies to the Bible’s label of homosexuality as an “abomination.”

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