Islamic takeover of U.S. already under way

Even though I do not believe that Barack Obama is a Muslim today, what will it mean to the Western World if a Muslim-named man becomes president of the United States of America? Well, some say it will be good and help Muslim’s reconsider their negative view of America. Possible… but there is an even bigger problem that comes right along with that understanding: Islam wants to expand and fill the whole earth with their religion and it will not benefit us to have someone with Muslim ties in his past who might just help the whole Muslim world along as they seek to takeover the U.S. The problem is not appearance, instead, the problem revolves around the fact that Muslim people will fight until their way of life is implemented on everyone around them in whatever culture they move to.

The below article is a very telling story of what happened to Lebanon, a former nation of Christian principles and a liberty, and what is already beginning to happen here in our own United States of America. Do not be fooled, Islam is the greatest enemy to freedom in this world today.
Here is an excerpt from the article:

An expert on terrorism is warning the United States should be fighting Islamization, which she believes already is under way. And author Brigitte Gabriel should know: She watched it happen in her native Lebanon.

“Lebanon used to be the only majority Christian country in the Middle East,” Gabriel told radio talk show host Andrea Shea King in a recent hour-long interview “Most people today do not know that. We were the majority, the Muslims were the minority, but as the years went by, the Muslims became the majority because of their birth rate, but also because of our open-border policy.

“We welcomed everyone into our country,” Gabriel said, and people didn’t realize that the “minority,” the Muslims in the society, “was not tolerant” and “did not believe all people were equal.”

“They tried to impose their way of thinking on us, and they succeeded,” she said.

The result, Gabriel said, was that a radical terrorist organization tied to Islam, Hezbollah, now rules in Lebanon.

As WND reported, Gabriel is fearful that terrorists believe now is the time to strike at America, while it is distracted by financial tension and election turmoil. She expressed the concerns during an interview with KSFO’s Barbara Simpson, when she also discussed her new book, “They Must Be Stopped: Why We Must Defeat Radical Islam and How We Can Do It.”

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