Bobby Maddex on Bill Maher

From Bobby Maddex:

What a fun game, Bill. Let me give it a try:

So there are all these chemicals just kind of floating around in space. Somehow, the chemicals begin reacting against each other; they form our universe and then our planet; and then create this miraculous bowl of soup. Then get this: Out of the (non-living) soup comes a (living) cell that then turns into a fish. The fish grows some legs and eventually becomes an opossum. That opossum turns itself into a whole mess of other animals, including monkeys. These monkeys learn to stop flinging poop at each other long enough to begin walking upright, at which point they become human. The humans then have a bunch of babies who have other babies until a baby named Charles is born who argues that he knows how the world came to have babies in the first place. Some of the humans decide that they like Charles’s story better than the other stories circulating throughout society (mostly because the other stories require them to behave like humans instead of monkeys), so they dismiss the other stories. Eventually, it becomes fashionable among some humans to ridicule stories that aren’t Charles’s, whereupon a human named Bill makes a movie about how “religulous” non-Charles stories are.

Wow, that was fun and easy.

[HT: James M. Kushiner]