Is Sarah Palin sinning b/c she’s running for VP?

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But for starters, watch this ABC video broadcast where reporters came to Southern Baptist Theological Seminary in Kentucky and interviewed students about their views on Palin as VP and women in the pastorate.

I personally do not believe that there is a problem with Sarah Palin running for VP. There’s a fundamental difference between the role of government and the role of the church. The government, as it exists today, is a function of the old creation order of sin and judgment on sin (Romans 13). The church is the government of the new creation order, which consists of life, redemption, and renewal (Romans 8). As we participate in these two spheres which exist in the overlap of the ages (the already and not yet), we must remember that they are distinct from one another and never to be confused. In the new creation, or regeneration, God is calling His people, the church, to once again fulfill the created order and the rolls for man and woman in the worship and glory of God. Given this reality, the church has a higher calling to be a witness in the world to the way Christ and his bride, the church, function together in union and communion. Simply put, the government is not the church and the church is not the government.

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3 thoughts on “Is Sarah Palin sinning b/c she’s running for VP?”

  1. I will say this… I do not see how she can fulfill her call as a wife and mother and be the VP. She is called to be a helper to her husband. I am not sure how that will happen when she is “helping” the president.

  2. Thanks for the link. Tonight I have scheduled a post that talks about the Southern Baptists and what is going on with their views. ABC did a broadcast interviewing Southern Seminary students. It was very informative.

    Regarding your first comment, I agree that that’s a concern I have. But in the end, it’s not enough to force me not to vote for their ticket if I believe they are the lesser of two evils. That’s really what this is all about these days. You will never agree with candidates 100% on everything, therefore you must vote for the Candidates that you see will do the best for our nation, regardless of the areas in which you disagree with them about.

    Do you think that that is an acceptable rule of thumb?

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