Sarah Palin won the debate

I cannot express how happy I was to see all the political pundants thrawrted in their predictions/fears about how much trouble Sarah Palin might have tonight in the Vice Presidential debate with Joe Biden. They were WRONG in so many ways!  🙂

I must say, it was brilliant on her part to tell Biden that he kept pointing to the past about the Bush campaign. It really is that simple, you cannot compare Bush with McCain in a way that can actually make someone say that it’s going to be four more years of the same. It just won’t happen and everyone knows it because of McCain’s record and his Vice Presidential pick for nomination. It’s a whole new ball game and the other side just won’t admit it. But I digress…

Palin did her job well tonight, and for the most part Joe Biden did well too. The only problem with Biden is that he just kept up the whole liberal mindset that harps on redistribution of wealth, fairness, man-made global warming, and universal health care. This is junk! Pure JUNK! And it really does stink. The liberal idealogy of the Democratic party is a terribly unfair system and it would have us all under it’s thumb if we, as a nation, decide to let it happen this November. Be care who you pick for President this Nobember, it could mean the beginning of the end of all your freedoms. That is something that I, and most of the people I know, would never want to happen.

Here are some resources and comments on the debate tonight from others:

Here is a link to the debate transcript. And below you will find a video of the debate on youtube:

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