Review of Biblical Literature – August 2008

Recently I joined the Society of Biblical Literature (SBL). I’ve seen other blogs mention the following type of book reviews, but now I’m actually getting the E-mails each month when the book reviews are released. So, I thought I would spread the word too and mention some of the book reviews that I found interesting from this months newsletter. Here they are. Enjoy!


Lester L. Grabbe
Ancient Israel: What Do We Know and How Do We Know It?
Reviewed by Brian B. Schmidt

Leslie Houlden, ed.
Decoding Early Christianity: Truth and Legend in the Early Church
Reviewed by Robert M. Bowman Jr.

Tom Thatcher, ed.
What We Have Heard from the Beginning: The Past, Present, and Future of Johannine Studies
Reviewed by Cornelis Bennema

Francis Watson
Paul, Judaism, and the Gentiles: Beyond the New Perspective
Reviewed by James D. G. Dunn