Laugh at it, but you really are funding prison rape

The Los Angeles Times has a very disturbing article on the reality and frequency of rape within prisons. Unfortunately, our culture thinks that it’s always okay to joke about that issue in the terms of “dropping the soap”, etc. Given this cultural insensitivity, I say bravo to the LA Times for bringing this to our attention and shame on all of us for joking and taking this topic so lightly!

Here is the article:

May God grant mercy to our prisons and may a new way a rehabilitation and a true understanding of “prison” be re-established in our united states. Prison, for those who can be released into the world after serving their time, should be about redemption, not merely retribution and punishment.

For those interested in someone who has tried their best to help our prisons change, visit Chuck Colson’s minstiry here. Here is a link to their “about” page.

In Christ and In Defense of the Faith,