Update: Latest News on Muslim Law Debate in England

Here are some recent articles regarding the recent debate and controversy that was recently started after the Archbishop of Canterbury, Dr. Rowan Williams, said that Sharia Law is inevitable for Great Britain:

Also, for those of you following the Anglican crisis, here is an update from Christianity Today on the latest decision from several African Provinces that have said they will no attend the once-per-decade Lambeth gathering of the Anglican Communion:


Events in the global Anglican Communion are going from bad to worse. On Feb. 12, an official governing body of the Anglican Province of Uganda announced that they will not be attending the once-per-decade Lambeth gathering of Anglican bishops from around the world. (Nigeria and Rwanda have also indicated they will not attend. Kenya will decide in April.)

Ugandan Anglicans place the blame at the feet of revisionist and “unrepentant” American Episcopal Bishops and a compromised, ineffective Archbishop of Canterbury Rowan Williams, saying:

This decision has been made to protest the invitations extended by the Archbishop of Canterbury, The Most Rev. and Rt. Hon. Rowan Williams, to TEC Bishops whose stand and unrepentant actions created the current crisis of identity and authority in the Anglican Communion.

Look here for the full statement released late on Feb. 13.