Islam, Terror, and a Peaceful Takeover?

The more news I see about Islam, the more I find it amazing that this religion is growing and growing in ‘peaceful’ ways. Regardless of the Islamic terrorism… peaceful Islam continues to grow in its size and influence due to its strong and public practice of worship mixed with a large birth rate of children being born to Muslim families. As Western Europe becomes less Christian and more secular, less and less children are being born to non-Muslims and thus the secular community loses more and more influence as the conservative and dogmatic Muslims have more and more children and demand equality and respect in the West. [Note to the reader: Islam’s eschatology says that everyone is born Muslim and that Islam must spread throughout the entire world and that the world must become Muslim one way or another before the end can finally come. Interestingly enough, Jesus is ‘the prophet’ who they say will come back on day (he never died, but was taken to heaven and Judas crucified in his place) and lead the world back to Allah.]

I find it funny and sad that more people in the West are not responding to Muslims like they are Christians, given that Muslims are even more aggressive and dogmatic in their views than Christians (or other religious groups for that matter). Why is it that Muslims are getting their religion promoted in schools and universities, while Christians are being censured and marginalized?

Well, the surface reading of things won’t help all that much, except to say that the West is tired of Christianity’s dominance and wants something that makes them feel justified in what every they choose to do or become. But below the surface, I really feel we must acknowledge the fact that sinful humanity will allow or even promote anything that pushes away and keeps the true religion, Christianity, off to the side or completely out of the picture. Islam is a false religion and the Western non-Christians (who aren’t Muslim) are not going to be as hateful towards Islam as they are towards the Triune God who calls them to repent of their sins and trust in His Son, Jesus, and become part of the New Humanity via the Church. Since Old Humanity’s default nature is sin, Old Humanity always suppresses the reality of the Triune God and seeks for anything else with which to replace Him (Romans 1) so as to satisfy the deepest longings in their heart, that only the Triune God can satisfy. But I digress…

Getting back to the main topic of this post: Lee Irons has an interesting and somewhat convincing post about why Barack Obama would actually be a very good president regarding the war on terror and the Islamic forces throughout the world. Here is a link to his post. Read it and tell me what you think.

I wonder though, if Obama is elected and Muslims around the world begin to think differently about the West, especially America, will a peaceful takeover actually begin to flourish more? Or will this actually be a great blow to their views of the West and end up helping the Western world survive the Islamic eschatology of making this world into an Islamic kingdom that controls the entire planet?

I honestly do not know what it is that God has planned with Islam and its current spread into the West. I can only rest in the Trinity’s sovereign will and know that God will lead His people (the Christians in the world) to continue on a path of renewal and regeneration as they work towards and anticipate the consummation of a New Heavens and a New Earth that will finally come once the resurrected Jesus returns to judge the world in righteousness, putting all things to rights! One day I believe that Islam will be converted to Jesus through the preaching of the Gospel of Jesus Christ and the work of the Holy Spirit. Muslims will finally repent of their “Allah” idolatry and begin worshiping the Triune God who has promised to renew the whole human race through faith in Jesus, the true Human and the only Messiah.

In Christ and In Defense of the Faith,