California and the NEW ‘No Fly Zone’

‘Mom’ and ‘Dad’ banished by California
Schwarzenegger signs law outlawing terms perceived as negative to ‘gays’

After reading this article, I must say that I have almost no kind words to say to Governor Schwarzenegger, but I will keep those words to myself and offer him the respect that God demands me to give a person in this type of governmental office. (1 Peter 2:17)

I encourage everyone to read through these issues mentioned in the article above and understand the magnitude of what is happening to various states in our much beloved country. I honestly cannot fathom, anymore, putting my children into public school before they are well established in their faith and able to debate adults on a reasonable intellectual level. Even then I would not expect anyone to put their children into state-run education EVER again.

[Please note that College is a different issue and I would certainly encourage young adults to earn their degrees at which ever college/university that they desire (this would keep the universities on their toes and help our children learn how to be even more salt and light in this dark and rotting world).]

The funniest part about the article above was seeing one school official scold another official in a higher position for promoting a homosexual-pride event which exposed young children to pornographic material. I say ‘funny’ in this way… the scolding official wanted to affirm and promote sexual diversity, yet tell the other higher-ranking official that there were still sexual morals that had to be adhered to regarding young children. This is tantamount to the illogical and irrational thinking that pervades many leaders in every area of our society these days. They want to say (and teach children) that all forms of sexual orientation are okay, but condemn someone for sharing explicit, pornographic material with children. My point is this, upon what moral grounds do these people have any ability to pronounce one form of sexual “promotion” good/decent over and above another form of sexual “promotion”?

In the end, California has established a NEW ‘no fly zone’ that will continue to erode any moral objectivism that their state and our country has left. As more and more of our children are indoctrinated with this CRAP, more and more corruption will fill this country. I can only conclude that Christian families living in California need desperately to pull their children out of all California public schools and place them in private/home school settings until they are old enough and have been thoroughly trained to deal with this ungodly bombardment of irrationality and wickedness.

If you have not been praying, please start praying NOW that God will have mercy on the people of the United States and and that God will change the hearts of those who lead these states and lead this country, in order that God’s Gospel can continue to go forth unhindered and His Kingdom can continue to expand throughout this world.

In Christ and In Defense of the Faith,

2 thoughts on “California and the NEW ‘No Fly Zone’”

  1. Glenn,
    I reallly appreciate you posting this. I thought your comments were especially poignant. This legislation is outrageous and I’m sure it won’t be long until the effects of it begin to trickle down into mainstream life across the US (though it is conceivable that it won’t have significant effect here in the Bible-belt for many years).

  2. Thanks Brother. I appreciate your words. My heart feels so sad for the children of California and what it will do to the rest of this country’s children as time goes by. I feel angry as well that these people talk about tolerance, and yet are the most intolerant people in the world. I would add to G. K. Chesterton’s quote,”Tolerance is the virtue of people who don’t believe anything,” by saying ‘except they believe they must to be intolerant of those who aren’t tolerant.’

    But really, these people who preach tolerance do not believe in anything but being intolerant of those who disagree with their view of tolerance. It really is a horrible thing. They are so blinded by their sin and by Satan and his demons. May God have mercy on them as He has had mercy on us!

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