ACM Academy of Apologetics – Fall Semester Launch with Gary Habermas!

As of this coming Fall semester, I will be the managing director of Athanatos Christian Ministries’ online apologetics academy.  October 3rd is when several classes begin.  Dr. Gary Habermas will be guest lecturing on the historical Jesus and the evidence for the Resurrection.  It is possible to attend these lectures without being enrolled in the academy.  Those enrolled in the academy, regardless of course, can attend his 90 minute lectures to be held in early November.

With the name of the facilitators listed alongside, here are the Fall 2011 courses offered:

The courses are manageable 3-5 weeks in length with the exception of the OT course, which is 6 weeks.  This fall, there are courses for those who are familiar with apologetics topics already and want to go deeper and those who are just getting started.  For example, we suggest that every Christian know basic Greek.  Also, the Basic Christianity class (taught by me – Glenn Jones) is organized around C.S. Lewis’s Mere Christianity.  New Christians or seekers are strongly encouraged to take the Basic Christianity course.

This leads us to the fact that atheists and agnostics are welcome to attend our courses.  This session, the Historical Jesus course and the Survey of the Old Testament would be of particular value to a non-Christian:  if you’re going to reject something, you should actually know what you are rejecting as the proponents themselves present it.  The Survey of the OT course is actually part 1 of 3, with parts 2 and 3 to come later in the year.  It is impossible to fully comprehend Christianity without an understanding of the Old Testament.

And that brings us to our “Send an Atheist to School” program.  We are aware that atheists or seekers might not be willing to pay for such courses.  We are asking Christians to consider sponsoring atheists, seekers, agnostics, and fellow Christians who cannot afford our (reasonably priced) courses.

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