LOST: Lots Of Secular Thinking

Well, I’m pleased to say that LOST, the ABC TV series, is finally over. And, as much as I enjoyed it, I was really hoping for a better series finale than the one the writers decided on. In the end, the writers decided to give us all a crummy commentary on “life after death” according to a pluralistic, pagan worldview that does not believe in immortality or resurrection or anything consistent with the hope of Jesus Christ and his death and resurrection. Now, I wasn’t expecting them to give a Christian message… I was hoping that they would simply NOT give a commentary on ‘life after death.’ It was an utterly horrible and unorignal conglomeration of secular and pagan thinking about how, when you die, you get to be with your loved one’s and relive the best parts of your life until you find out that you are actually dead and get to ‘let go’ or ‘move on’ to something else… Let’s just walk into the bright light of oblivion and cry our eyes out!

Well, if you have any thoughts, I would love to hear them. I really would have loved for the ending of LOST to be about an alternate universe that was created, in which they were able to live their lives together in happineness – this would have at least carried the idea of some kind of ‘new creation’ that came out of their actions on the Island. Yes, I know that’s not a complete Christian message, and as I said before – I didn’t expect it to be. I simply hoped that the writers would say that they created a new world, instead of deciding to cater to people’s curiosity about ‘life after death’ and what that migh be like if there is no God and our redemption is left up to ourselves working together… The fictional world of LOST did not require such an ending in order to be special or good. It was just unnecessary.

Let me hear your thoughts if you watched the series finale.