Culture News: House votes to create ‘International Abortion HQ’

Capital Hill

House Approves Bill to Create ‘International Abortion HQ’
By Lawrence Jones, Christian Post Reporter
Fri, Jun. 12 2009 08:10 AM EDT

The U.S. House of Representatives has passed a controversial bill that pro-life groups say would promote abortion around the world on the taxpayer’s dime.

Congressional representatives voted 235-187 to approve H.R. 2410 on Wednesday, with 11 members abstaining.

The bill, known as the “Foreign Relations Authorization Act,” would create a new Office for Global Women’s Issues that would “coordinate efforts of the United States Government regarding gender integration and women’s empowerment in United States foreign policy.”

Concerned Women for America’s Legislative Action Committee called the legislation the “Ambassador for Abortion” bill because it would designate “ambassadors” to implement “women’s empowerment” programs internationally.

Dr. Charmaine Yoest, president and CEO of Americans United for Life Action, meanwhile, said if the act becomes law, “it will be a grave injustice to women around the world.”

“Our elected representatives have no business using the diplomatic strong-arm of the United States to avidly promote abortion expansion overseas and undermine pro-life laws around the world,” she stated. “I call on the Senate to reject this proposal.”

A tide of other pro-life groups – including National Right to Life Committee, Family Research Council and Susan B. Anthony List – have voiced opposition against the bill, saying it would work to undermine pro-life laws in other countries.

According to the groups, the Office would be an international headquarters for abortion of sorts. Pro-lifers recalled a recent testimony of Secretary of State Hillary Clinton before the Foreign Affairs Committee, to whom she said the administration would protect women’s rights to reproductive health care, which includes access to abortion.

They also say the bill is riddled with other problem areas, such as the promotion of homosexuality abroad.

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