Christian Resources about the Islamic Religion


Here are a few good resources to study and use if any of you are wanting to learn more about Islam and what Muslims around the world believe.

  • Biblical Training Course – Intro to Islam
  • Answering Islam
  • Answering Muslims
  • Ministry to Muslims
  • Alpha and Omega Blog Catergory on Islam
  • – Muslim Articles
  • Audio Lectures on Islam
  • CARM Articles on Islam
  • Robert Spencer’s The Truth About Muhammad (PDF)
  • I know of other sites, but this should get our list going for now. Please share in the comments any other web sites you have come across that can help Christians learn more about Islam and what an honest and Biblically faithful response to Islam looks like.

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    1. Thank you for your information. I converted from Muslim and now I am studying apologetic to Muslim. Your Web is helping me.

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