Blogs and RSS Feeds

To everyone who follows blogs, I would like to offer a helpful option.

If you have ever visited the main page of this web site, you will see a “recent articles” listing that displays several different blogs and is updated almost daily. The only way this happens is thanks to Google Reader.  =)

If you don’t know what that is, just go here and find out. Google Reader is the most helpful tool I have found for making your web surfing fast and easy. I follow many different blogs, but because of Google Reader I can scan through upwards of 100 blog entries in under 15 minutes and mark all the entries that I want to read later that day/week.

Well, this is where this post comes into play. I have a private and a public list of things that interest me. My “shared items” is the list you see on the front page of my web site.

Now, what I wanted to point out was the fact that you too can add my shared items “feed” to whatever RSS reader you use and you will have access to all the different blogs that I follow all at one location.

For those of you who use RSS… here is my feed page for all my shared items.
But, if don’t use RSS and you just want to book mark a page to visit regularly… You can see my shared items all together on one page or on the home page of my web site.

Either way, I hope you enjoy the items I share!

In Christ and In Defense of the Faith,