Tips for Teaching/Preaching Romans

1 ) Reminder

The hardest part about preaching (/teaching)…

The first 50 years!

Time spent in Preperation… A good rule of thumb

One hour preparation per minute spent in preaching/teaching

The first thing to be done in Preaching…

Understand the passage (as well as you can)

The end of the first step…

Develop the “big idea”

The very end of the first step…

Develop points arising from your “big idea”

A great way to structure things…

Explanation, Illustration, Application

2 ) Seek help

a. Criticism before you preach!!
Ongoing criticism – always be open to improve

3 ) 10 Confessions of a Reformed Bore

a. “The more I say, the less people remember.”
“I don’t stick to the big idea.”
“I think big words are impressive.”
“I fail to use succinct sentences.”
“I forget that people love to hear about people.”
“I confess I worry that my sermon notes will be marked by my old English teacher.”
“I confess I can’t be bothered repeating myself.”
“My stories are dull because they are told in the past tense.”
“I forget to illustrate the obvious.”
“I keep putting the cart before the horse.” In other words, “Say what you are going to say, then say it, then

4 ) Application to Romans

1. In so far as the background to Romans helps you to understand Romans better, Praise God!…

2. But don’t forget that there are other ‘tools’ available…

3. Don’t forget the rules above…