Romans 7

Who is the “I” in Romans 7?

Many say that Paul is talking about a Christian? Others conclude that a non-Christian must be in view. But Both views doing seem to mesh with the other claims about what a Christian or a non-Christian can do or cannot do.



A bolder form of figure, which in Cicero‘s opinion de­mands greater effort, is impersonation, or ‘proswpopoii5a‘ . This is a device which lends wonderful variety and animation to oratory. By this means we display the inner thoughts of our adversaries as though they were talking with themselves (but we shall only carry con­viction if we represent them as uttering what they may reasonably be supposed to have had in their minds); or without sacrifice of credibility we may introduce conversations between ourselves and others, or of others among themselves, and put words of advice, reproach, complaint, praise or pity into the mouths of appropriate persons

Paul is using the technique of impersonation. Paul is dropping hints when he starts the passage of “I”…

But who?

The answer: A Gentile Proselyte

Romans 7:1, “Or do you not know, brothers—for I am speaking to those who know the law—that the law is binding on a person only as long as he lives?”

So, what are the implications?

Christians won’t struggle like the man in Romans 7 (?)

                                                                        The World to Come



            This World

There is overlap right now. But we must note that we will always have some principle of “this world” because we are living in the already/not yet. Therefore we can read some of our Christian lives into Romans 7. But we must be careful not to do this in full. Because…

Second point, the struggle of Romans 7 is not inevitable.

We cannot take Romans 7 as a Christian viewpoint ‘only’ because it will lead to a defeatist mentality.

Romans 7 is not trying to be about a Christian or a non-Christian. Instead, it is dealing with a person who is part of God’s people before Christ comes and before the Spirit is given and the New Creation breaks into the world and the overlap above begins.

Lastly, the Law can (but not necessarily should) be used evangelistically.