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Is Sarah Palin sinning b/c she’s running for VP?

I would love to hear your thoughts on this issue. Please leave your comments below.

But for starters, watch this ABC video broadcast where reporters came to Southern Baptist Theological Seminary in Kentucky and interviewed students about their views on Palin as VP and women in the pastorate.

I personally do not believe that there is a problem with Sarah Palin running for VP. There’s a fundamental difference between the role of government and the role of the church. The government, as it exists today, is a function of the old creation order of sin and judgment on sin (Romans 13). The church is the government of the new creation order, which consists of life, redemption, and renewal (Romans 8). As we participate in these two spheres which exist in the overlap of the ages (the already and not yet), we must remember that they are distinct from one another and never to be confused. In the new creation, or regeneration, God is calling His people, the church, to once again fulfill the created order and the rolls for man and woman in the worship and glory of God. Given this reality, the church has a higher calling to be a witness in the world to the way Christ and his bride, the church, function together in union and communion. Simply put, the government is not the church and the church is not the government.

What are you thoughts? Leave them below in the comments section.

Sarah Palin won the debate

I cannot express how happy I was to see all the political pundants thrawrted in their predictions/fears about how much trouble Sarah Palin might have tonight in the Vice Presidential debate with Joe Biden. They were WRONG in so many ways!  🙂

I must say, it was brilliant on her part to tell Biden that he kept pointing to the past about the Bush campaign. It really is that simple, you cannot compare Bush with McCain in a way that can actually make someone say that it’s going to be four more years of the same. It just won’t happen and everyone knows it because of McCain’s record and his Vice Presidential pick for nomination. It’s a whole new ball game and the other side just won’t admit it. But I digress…

Palin did her job well tonight, and for the most part Joe Biden did well too. The only problem with Biden is that he just kept up the whole liberal mindset that harps on redistribution of wealth, fairness, man-made global warming, and universal health care. This is junk! Pure JUNK! And it really does stink. The liberal idealogy of the Democratic party is a terribly unfair system and it would have us all under it’s thumb if we, as a nation, decide to let it happen this November. Be care who you pick for President this Nobember, it could mean the beginning of the end of all your freedoms. That is something that I, and most of the people I know, would never want to happen.

Here are some resources and comments on the debate tonight from others:

Here is a link to the debate transcript. And below you will find a video of the debate on youtube:

Christian Converts from Islam: Landmark Decision in UK

From the ACLJ:

An immigration court of appeals in the United Kingdom has, for the first time, recognized the plight of Syrian Evangelical Christians with Muslim backgrounds seeking asylum in the United Kingdom.

In this precedent-setting victory, the European Centre for Law and Justice (the ECLJ, based in Strasbourg, France) represented the young couple (whose identity is being withheld to protect their safety) who was granted refugee status in the U.K.  The court recognized that if the couple returned to Syria – the country of origin of the husband – they would face very real physical threats, possibly resulting in their deaths.  The court granted the appeal on both asylum and human rights grounds.

The couple, former adherents of Islam, converted to Evangelical Christianity (the husband in 2003 and the wife in 2005) and thereafter became open witnesses of the Christian faith to Muslims through Internet chat rooms.

As a result of their conversion, which is deemed apostasy under Sharia law and subject to death, the couple began receiving death threats including a video of a beheading.  The husband’s family told him that if he did not return to Islam, the family would move against him and ”wash their shame” – a phrase that he was told meant he would be put to death.

In its landmark decision, the court recognized that a true commitment to Evangelical Christianity requires evangelism, and that the circumstances of such converts to Evangelicalism in the Muslim world do pose a serious threat to life.

This is a significant and groundbreaking decision that clearly puts the focus on the fact that many converts to Christianity from Islam face real danger, including the ultimate penalty of death.  This important decision will not go unnoticed in the international arena, and we’re delighted that it provides protection for Christian converts who are at great risk because of their faith and their desire to share it.

”This is truly a landmark day in the United Kingdom as a nation awakens to the ever-growing threat of radical Islam and the plight of Christians in the Middle East,” said Roger Kiska, Legal Counsel of the ECLJ.  ”I couldn’t be happier with the decision and the role that the ECLJ played in the case.”

The ECLJ worked closely with the ACLJ on this issue.  The organizations provided legal advice and support throughout the case, as well as the only key expert testimony at the hearing on the threat posed to converts from Islam in Syria.

The ACLJ also enlisted the assistance of six members of the U.S. Congress who sent a letter to the U.K. appeals court in August urging asylum for the couple.  They asked the appeals court to protect the couple, acknowledging that they ”would face severe religious persecution as a result of their conversion from Islam to Christianity.”

The letter also recognized the couple faced a ”credible threat,” and that their lives were in danger.  The letter concluded:

”….based upon the United Kingdom’s strong history of protecting religious refugees, we strongly urge the government of the United Kingdom to spare (the couple) and grant religious asylum in this case.”

Clay Aiken Comes Out of Closet, Confirms He’s Gay

Well, this is always sad news, but it’s even worse when the person coming out of the closet says that they are a confessing Christian and don’t believe that homosexuality is in conflict with God’s prescription for human sexuality. Please pray for Mr. Aiken and ask God to change his heart. God’s done greater things before, so don’t think it cannot happen. May God have mercy on Clay Aiken and show him the truth!

Clay Aiken appears on stage in his role as Sir Robin in Monty Python's "Spamalot"

Excerpt from news article:

The 29-year-old former “American Idol” runner-up, multiplatinum recording artist and Broadway star credits his son, conceived by in-vitro fertilization with friend and producer Jaymes Foster, with making him realize that he could no longer hide his homosexuality from the world.

“It was the first decision I made as a father,” Aiken told the magazine, which arrives on newsstands Friday. “I cannot raise a child to lie or to hide things. I wasn’t raised that way, and I’m not going to raise a child to do that.”

Aiken, who rose to fame on “Idol” in 2003, has long been subject of rumors and tabloid fodder that he was gay, but usually refused to acknowledge them. In an interview with The Associated Press two years ago, he said of the talk: “I don’t really feel like I have anybody to answer to but myself and God and the people I love.” . . .

The magazine cover features Aiken holding his son, born in August. Aiken, who considers himself a born-again Christian, said he knows he may turn off some fans — known as Claymates — with his admission and his decision to have a child outside traditional marriage.

“I’ve never intended to lie to anybody at all,” he said. “But if they leave, I don’t want them to leave hating me.”

Gay groups applauded Aiken’s public admission.