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Barack Obama – “Redistribution of Wealth”

Change? Can I get a, “yes we can”???

Ugh… One things for sure… I don’t want this change, even though I know it’s going to try to be implemented soon. It is truly a sad day when a man like this has been elected President of the US and people barely even heard about this audio before the election day. Well, the people wanted a king… so God gave them one.

Welcome to The Neo-American Union

BBC boss: Yes we are biased towards Islam

BBC boss says Islam should be treated more sensitively than Christianity

Islam should be treated more sensitively by the media than Christianity, according to the director general of the BBC.

By Martin Beckford, Religious Affairs Correspondent
Last Updated: 2:39PM BST 15 Oct 2008


Mark Thompson claimed that because Muslims are a religious minority in Britain and also often from ethnic minorities, their faith should be given different coverage to that of more established groups.

His comments come after the comedian Ben Elton accused the BBC of being scared of making jokes about Islam, while Hindus have claimed it favours Muslims over other religions.

But Mr Thompson, speaking at the annual public theology lecture of the religion think-tank Theos, insisted the state broadcaster would show programmes that criticised Islam if they were of sufficient quality.

The director general, whose corporation faced accusations of blasphemy from Christians after it allowed the transmission of the musical Jerry Springer -The Opera, also said his Christian beliefs guided his judgments and disclosed that he had never watched the Monty Python film Life of Brian which satirises the story of Jesus.

In his speech last night, Mr Thompson claimed there are now more programmes about religion on BBC television and radio than there have been in recent decades, whereas coverage has declined on ITV.

But asked whether it was correct that the BBC “let vicar gags pass but not imam gags”, as Elton claimed, he admitted it did take a different approach to Islam, which has 1.6million followers in Britain, compared to its approach to the Church of England or the Roman Catholic Church.

Mr Thompson said: “My view is that there is a difference between the position of Christianity, which I believe should be central to the BBC’s religion coverage and widely respected and followed.

“What Christian identity feels like it is about to the broad population is a little bit different to people for whom their religion is also associated with an ethnic identity which has not been fully integrated.

“There’s no reason why any religion should be immune from discussion, but I don’t want to say that all religions are the same. To be a minority I think puts a slightly different outlook on it.”

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Interview with Dr. John Frame about going to seminary

I currently attend RTS (Atlanta Campus) and I’m really enjoying my time there. I’m pleased to say that one of the best professors from RTS’s Orlando Campus has been interviewed about some of his writings and his experience teaching at seminary. I encourage everyone to listen to this, but especially those thinking about seminary or already attending it like myself. Here is a link to the full length interview, but here below I have posted the shortened You Tube form.

I don’t know who’s been writing your questions…

Senator Joe Biden exemplifies the bias of the “regular” news media as he is interviewed below by a new station that actually decided to ask him real and serious questions about the nature of the Obama/Biden campaign. I think, if you listen closely enough, that you will see that the Senator ends up conceding the Socialist/Marxist accusation in his very own answers to the news reporter. For too long the Obama/Biden campaign has gone by with a free pass to America because of the Liberal and Socialistic news media that funnels the information around to exclude the obvious deficiencies in the Obama/Biden campaign policies. Enjoy watching and please think about these facts when you go to vote on November 4th. 🙂

Islam: A Window of Opportunity

This link above will take you to a very good article from my seminary quarterly on the topic of Islam and the opportunity we have, at the present time, to engage the Muslim people in our own backyard with the Gospel. I hope that you will take the time to read it and pray about those Muslims that you know in your own area of influence. Do not take this time lightly or think that you are not qualified to share the Gospel with a Muslim. There are many free resource links (here and here) on my web site that will lead you do a better understanding of the Muslim world and what they’re all about, especially Muslims today.

It would also be nice to hear from anyone in the comments below if you have any experiences with Muslims and sharing the Gospel with them. Please leave your comments below.

Now is the time to engage the Muslim world in our backyard

In Christ and In Defense of the Faith,
Glenn Jones

Bobby Maddex on Bill Maher

From Bobby Maddex:

What a fun game, Bill. Let me give it a try:

So there are all these chemicals just kind of floating around in space. Somehow, the chemicals begin reacting against each other; they form our universe and then our planet; and then create this miraculous bowl of soup. Then get this: Out of the (non-living) soup comes a (living) cell that then turns into a fish. The fish grows some legs and eventually becomes an opossum. That opossum turns itself into a whole mess of other animals, including monkeys. These monkeys learn to stop flinging poop at each other long enough to begin walking upright, at which point they become human. The humans then have a bunch of babies who have other babies until a baby named Charles is born who argues that he knows how the world came to have babies in the first place. Some of the humans decide that they like Charles’s story better than the other stories circulating throughout society (mostly because the other stories require them to behave like humans instead of monkeys), so they dismiss the other stories. Eventually, it becomes fashionable among some humans to ridicule stories that aren’t Charles’s, whereupon a human named Bill makes a movie about how “religulous” non-Charles stories are.

Wow, that was fun and easy.

[HT: James M. Kushiner]

Dispatches: Undercover Mosque (The Return)

David Wood says:

Last year, hidden cameras proved that violence, intolerance, and bigotry are being preached in UK mosques–even in mosques that claim to be moderate and peaceful (click here to watch the original program). Many of the leaders who were exposed promised to clean up their mosques. “Undercover Mosque” returned recently to see whether these leaders have kept their promise. The footage shows that violence, intolerance, and bigotry are still being preached. But I’m sure Muslim leaders will promise (again) to clean up their mosques.

Knowledgeable viewers will notice how the producers of the show are doing everything in their power to convince us that these violent teachings have nothing to do with Islam. They say of some teaching, “But this is nowhere in the Qur’an,” as if we don’t know that it’s in the Hadith (the second source of Sharia). There’s a great deal of irony here. “Undercover Mosque” sets out to expose the deception of mosques that claim to be peaceful while secretly preaching violence. But the writers of the show go to liberal Muslims to learn about Islam, and these liberal Muslims completely misrepresent Islam to make it sound peaceful. So if we go to the mosques, they lie and tell us they’re preaching peace. If we go to liberal Muslims, they lie and claim that the Qur’an and Hadith promote peace and tolerance. Wherever we go, Muslims are trying to deceive us. Do you know who isn’t trying to deceive us? Osama bin Laden. You can say what you want about him, but at least we know where he stands.

Lacrae – Rebel CD – Free Mp3

This is a great song from a really good rapper who is a Christian! I encourage you to listen to it and read the story behind the song here. You can also download it for free here:

What was your inspiration for your new album—”Rebel”?

The inspiration for the album was largely realizing my own need for a biblical worldview. As I would navigate through arts, economics, politics, media, and culture as a whole I’d wrestle with a dichotomy between sacred and secular all the time. I’d either embrace aspects of secularism or the other extreme be very separatist in my views. I began read and listen to stuff by D.A. Carson, Mark Driscoll, Tim Keller, and Francis Schaeffer, and taking another look at Genesis, Daniel, and Romans and I found a better grid to see the world through.

Over time I’ve worked to see Urban culture through a biblical lens and it’s really helped. So I wanted to share with the listener the need to take a stand for Christ in culture yet still be a blessing and cultivator for the culture.