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Thy Kingdom Come

Here is a helpful definition of the Kingdom of God from a Reformed perspective by S. M. Baugh. I hope that you will consider this definition in your study of the Bible.

Thy Kingdom Come: A Reformed Definition of the Kingdom of God

Here is a good excerpt from the PDF about what the Kingdom of God is NOT properly:

1. The Church militant in this age
2. The rule of God in the hearts of believers
3. An spiritual rule to be consummated in an earthly millennial reign
4. A geo-political or social program in this age or a program of Christianizing all spheres of life
5. However: the power and influence of the kingdom is currently felt in these areas. Continue reading Thy Kingdom Come

Commentary on New Testament Use of Old Testament

I cannot believe that it is here! This book has been long awaited by many Christians and the day has finally arrived! 🙂

Commentary on New Testament Use of Old Testament

I hope that all of you will consider buying this book for your library and study of the Bible. If there was any one additional book you would want to bring with you to an Island, along with a Bible, this book would be it! Continue reading Commentary on New Testament Use of Old Testament

You Were Made for Earth: An Interview

Trevin Wax over at the Kingdom People blog has conducted a great interview with Michael Wittmer. I encourage everyone to go read it and think about what Dr. Wittmer has to say. Also, Dr. Wittmer has written a book that I’m now very interested in buying. It is called:

Heaven Is a Place on Earth: Why Everything You Do Matters to God

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G. K. Beale on Revelation

Here is a great seminar on the Book of Revelation, given by G. K. Beale. You should definitely give it a listen sometime! It will be well worth your time given the clarity of thought that will come to you as you study the WHOLE Bible over the coming years. Enjoy!

In Christ and In Defense of the Faith,

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Biblical Theology and Children

King, The Snake And The Promise

Here is a CD of songs for teaching your children the entire story of the Bible. Michael F. Bird highly recommends it for those who are weary of the same old songs that didn’t really paint the ENTIRE picture of the Bible from Genesis to Revelation. Here is what he had to say over at his blog:

“As a Father with two small children I am constantly challenged as to how best to impart a Christian worldview and a knowledge of Scripture into my kids. The odd Bible story here and there and a stack of memory verses can help, but getting kids aware of the Bible story-line as a whole is a lot harder. How do ya take these gorgeous little one’s from Crayons to Creation, Christ and the Consummation? Well, one good resource that I use is a Kids CD called: King, the Snake, and the Promise which tells the Bible story-line in song form from Genesis to Revelation. If you are weary of “Father Abraham had many sons”, then check out this resource. It comes with the Mike Bird four star seal of approval. It is available in Australia from Koorong (see the Link).”

The Bible and the Future

Anthony A. Hoekema has written an excellent book: The Bible and the Future

As I read through this book I hope to write some of my thoughts down for everyone to consider. But for now, you can think about buying the book and reading it for yourself!  🙂

Publisher Review: Writing from the perspective that the coming of God’s kingdom is both present and future, Hoekema covers the full range of eschatological topics in this comprehensive biblical exposition. The two major sections of the book deal with inaugurated eschatology (the “already”) and future eschatology (the “not yet”).

In Christ and In Defense of the Faith,

N.T. Wright on Faith and Works

Today’s ON FAITH question is an excellent one…

What’s more important from a faith perspective? Being saved? Or doing good works?

I would like to point out Bishop N.T. Wright’s response to the question. It is an excellent answer as well as another verification that he is in fact a very orthodox Theologian. I hope you enjoy the article. I have re-posted it on this blog entry below:

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Ascension Day and David Field

David Field has pointed out that most Evangelicals are defeatist in their view of history and fail to see how the Biblical narrative works – because most Evangelicals fail to understand and affirm what the doctrine of Jesus’ ascension really means. I cannot say how sad that makes me and how much I pray and hope for the Church to change it’s mindset. Here is a portion of his post that I cannot commend to anyone more enthusiastically!

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