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The Great Debate

David L. Bahnsen is the son of the late Dr. Greg Bahnsen. He has a good web site full of articles that I highly recommend reading whenever you have the chance.

A couple of days ago I was looking through some of his articles regarding his father, Dr. Greg Bahnsen. I stumbled upon one article entitled “My Favorite Part of the Great Debate.” The Great Debate was between Dr. Bahnsen (a Christian) and Dr. Stein (an Atheist) and has been well known as one of the best debated to listen to for representing how to effectively do Presuppositional Apologetics with an atheist.

Anyone interested in this debate should check out this web site to find the MP3s of the debate for free download.

Here is David Bahnsen’s favorite part!

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Dr. Bahnsen: Are all factual questions answered in the same way?

Dr. Stein: No, they are not. They’re answered by the use of certain methods, though, that are the same – reason, logic, presenting evidence, and facts.

Dr. Bahnsen: All right. I heard you mention logical binds and logical self-contradictions in your speech. You did say that?

Dr. Stein: I said. I used that phrase, yes.

Dr. Bahnsen: Do you believe there are laws of logic, then?

Dr. Stein: Absolutely

Dr. Bahnsen: Are they universal?

Dr. Stein: They’re agreed upon by human beings. They aren’t laws that exist out in nature. They’re consensual.

Dr. Bahnsen: Are they simply conventions, then?

Dr. Stein: They are conventions, but they are conventions that are self-verifying

Dr. Bahnsen: Are they sociological laws or laws of thought?

Dr. Stein: They are laws of thought which are interpreted by men and promulgated by men

Dr. Bahnsen: Are they material in nature?

Dr. Stein: How an a law be material in nature?

Dr. Bahnsen: That’s a question I am going to ask you

Dr. Stein: I would say no

[MODERATOR: Dr. Stein, you now have an opportunity to cross-examine Dr. Bahnsen]

Dr. Stein: Dr. Bahnsen, would you call God material or immaterial?

Dr. Bahnsen: Immaterial

Dr. Stein: What is something that is immaterial?

Dr. Bahnsen: Something not extended in space

Dr. Stein: Can you give me an example of anything other than God that is immaterial?

Dr. Bahnsen: The laws of logic

[MODERATOR: I am going to have to ask the audience to hold it down please. Please. Refrain from laughter and applause. Can you hold that down please?]

Wilson vs. Hitchens

For those of you who have not heard…

Doug Wilson and Christopher Hitchens will be debating their views against each other over at Christianity Today! The Debate is over “Is Christianity Good for the World?” This is going to be a great and lively debate between a great Christian pastor and a popular atheist.

Here is the hilarious jest that Wilson made over at his blog. Enjoy!

Chris Hitchens' Book

Douglas Wilson's Book Cover Making Fun of Hitchens

For those of you who don’t know. Doug Wilson has written many wonderful books on the family and Christian education. The title of Wilson’s book above is a real book he’s written. It’s just hilarious that he dressed up like Hitchens and made a book cover!

I could hardly stop laughing. 🙂

For more on Wilson’s view of satire and Trinitarian skylarking, see A Serrated Edge. I’ve read this book and it is awesome!

In Christ and In Defense of the Faith,

The debate is on!

Well, it’s official…

Ray Comfort and Kirk Cameron are going to debate two atheists without appealing to their faith or the Bible. They are going to debate stricktly using the scientific evidence. This should prove to be a very interesting and helpful debate. Ray does a pretty good job with his debates, I just hope Kirk is prepared for it as well. We will have to see!

Here are the details:

“Most people equate atheism with intellectualism,” explained Comfort in a statement, “but it’s actually an intellectual embarrassment. I am amazed at how many people think that God’s existence is a matter of faith. It’s not, and I will prove it at the debate – once and for all. This is not a joke. I will present undeniable scientific proof that God exists.”

The debate is in reaction to the “Blasphemy Challenge” that started late in 2006. The two creators of the movement encouraged all people to tape themselves with a short message that will “damn themselves to hell.” Participants must recite the line “I deny the Holy Spirit,” and then upload their video onto YouTube.

Comfort and Cameron felt that these two would be some of the most difficult people to convince that God does indeed exist, so contacted them about having a discussion.

ABC has said that they will film the debate, which will take place on May 5 in New York City, and will stream it live on their website as well as use footage for their program Nightline. Martin Bashir, co-anchor of Nightline, will moderate the event.

(HT: Tim Challies)

An Evening Conversation on Jesus and Paul

For those of you interested in a little bit of informative reading… The conversation on Jesus and Paul that took place between Jimmy Dunn and Tom Wright in October 2004 has been transcribed into a well formated PDF.  There were two sessions, one on the Historical Jesus debate and another regarding the New Perspective on Paul. Both conversations were very informative and this newly published PDF includes a full bibliography of works that Dunn and Wright cited during the conversation.

Here it is.

Also, if you would like to listen to this discussion instead of read it, you can download the two mp3s here and here.


MacArthur’s Millennial Manifesto

Sam Waldron has decided to “blog a book” in response to John MacArthur’s introductory sermon at the 2007 Shepherds Conference. The sermon was entitled: Why Every Self-Respecting Calvinist is a Pre-Millennialist

Since this was such a touchy topic, and one in which many (if not most) soteriological Calvinists would disagree with MacArthur on, Sam Waldron is in the process of writing a response to the sermon. He is even asking for everyone’s help by you and I submitting comments to each chapter of the book as he writes it.

Here is what he has so far:

Chapter 1: John MacArthur Is My Friend!

Chapter 1 – Supplementary Excursus: Supersessionism and Replacement Theology

Chapter 2: All Calvinists Should Be What?!!!

Chapter 3: MacArthur Versus Church History!

I hope you enjoy reading about it. Feel free to keep up with the chapters over at the Blog of the Midwest Center for Theological Studies. Or just bookmark this entry and come back to it. I will update it as the chapters get published over there at the MCTS Blog.

In Christ and In Defense of the Faith,

Letter From a Christian Citizen

Doug Wilson has come out with an excellent response to Sam Harris’s book, Letter to a Christian Nation. Wilson’s book is called, Letter from a Christian Citizen.

 I encourage all of you interested in the New Atheism to buy both Sam Harris’ book and Doug Wilson’s book and read them together. You will be blessed to see Pastor Wilson demolish the stronholds of Harris’ worldview, all the while yourself learning how to take captive every atheistic thought to the mind of Christ.

Enjoy the reading and continue to give a reason for the hope that you have in Christ Jesus!

Also, come and post some comments on this entry if you end of reading these books and want to share your thoughts with everyone.

 In Christ and In Defense of the Faith,

McGrath vs. Dawkins

This is great news! The recent and unexpected debate between Richard Dawkins and Alister McGrath is now available in MP3 for free online…

Therefore, you should all download these two MP3s and listen to them and enjoy the dismantling of Richard Dawkin’s arguments by Alister McGrath.

Here they are: Part 1 and Part 2

[HT: Justin Taylor]

In Christ and In Defense of the Faith,

Atheist Debate – McGrath vs. Atkins

Darwin and humanity: Should we rid the mind of God?

A special debate between Alister McGrath, Professor of Historical Theology at Oxford University, author of "Dawkins' God" and "The Dawkins Delusion" and Peter Atkins, Professor of Chemistry at Oxford University, well-known atheist and supporter of Richard Dawkins. As seen on Channel 4's "The trouble with atheism".

This event was organised jointly by The University of Edinburgh Philosophy Society and The Christian Union. It was held in George Square Lecture Theatre which seats 500, however was overwhelmed by the number of people wanting to attend, over 300 people had to be turned away.