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Nightline Reports: What Happens When You Die?

Video: What Happens When You Die?

New Report: Bishop’s Heaven: Is There Life After the Afterlife?

Nightline did a report yesterday on Bishop Tom Wright’s views on heaven and the afterlife. This interview dealt with the same thing that I post about in an earlier interview this year.

The Interview was good, but I know that they cut out several things that Wright said that could have clarified his views on things. I also didn’t like the way Nightline cast the interview. It sounded as thought Wright was saying that everyone will inherit the new heavens and the new earth, but I know that Wright does not believe that everyone will be saved. Some have accused him of that, but he expressly denies it.

What do you think about the Nightline interview?

ER: I want someone who can give me answers!

Patient: “Well you tell me… is atonement even possible, what does God want from me?”

Chaplain: “I think it’s up to each one of us to interpret what God wants.”

Patient: “So, people can do anything?! They can rape, they can murder, they can steal… all in the name of God and it’s okay??? ”

“No that’s not what I’m saying…”

“Well what are you saying?!! Because all I’m hearing is some new age, ‘God is love”, one size fits all… CRAP!!”

Doctor: “Hey Doctor Trueman…”

Patient: “No, I don’t have time for this now!”

Chaplain: “Greg, it’s okay… I understand…”

Patient: “No you don’t understand!!!… You don’t understand!… How could you possible say that… now you listen to me… I want a real chaplain who believes in a real God and a real hell!”

Chaplain: “I hear that you’re frustrated, but you need to ask yourself..”

Patient: “No I don’t need to ask myself!… I NEED ANSWERS! And all your questions and your uncertainty are only making things worse. ”

Chaplain: “I.. I know you’re upset…”

Patient: “God… I need someone who will look me in the eye and tell me how I can find forgiveness because I am running out of time!!”

Chaplain: “I’m trying to help…”

Patient: “Well don’t!!!! Just get out!!! Get out!!!!! Get out!!!”

[Chaplain women runs out of the room very upset]

Well, Here is the video:

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Tom Cruise Freak Show

If you guys really want to see how whacked out Tom Cruise is on Scientology… just watch this video. And watch it soon before it gets yanked off this web site too. YouTube already pulled it for copyright reasons. You’ve got to see this, especially since Scientology doesn’t want you too… it’s all about KSW man!

I would strongly encourage all of you to pray for Tom Cruise – that his eyes would be opened to see the light of the glory of Jesus Christ.

[HT: Jeff Meyers]

Glenn Beck’s 1 Hour Interview of Ron Paul

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